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The Full Story

About Us

Promise Med was founded in 2014, and rapidly established a reputation as leading provider of cardio surgery, and hemodynamic equipment within the state of Kuwait.  In short period of time the company registered steady growth gaining clients’ respect for the committed and quality service provided. Furthermore, we were able to earn our principals’ sincere confident, trust and respect by having an extended agreement to distribute some of their products exclusively outside Kuwait and within MENA countries.

Nurse Checking Girl

Mission & Vision

Ethics, professionalism, quality of service, innovation and trust, these are the key elements that set the Promise Meds’ core values.

The company brings an unusual degree of added value to the services it provides for its partners in Kuwait and the Middle East, this added value is inspired from a deep understanding of the market, sophisticated management information, state of the art facilities, and above all, from professional relationships that uniquely exposes us to various business cultures around the world and ensures our continuous development and progress.

Physiotherapy Session


  • We always aspire to present the innovation pioneers, delivering superior quality products with exceptional customer service.

  • Implement ambitious plans in coordination with different public and private entities to expand our services and meet the highest standards of the healthcare sector.

  • Learn about customers’ specific needs and allocate our resources to accelerate providing up to date services and achieve optimal results.

  • Creating a solid platform of confidence with our partners.

  • Maintain our deep integration into teamwork to provide a reputable service quality and assure our partners’ satisfaction.

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