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Our Services

Promise Med Company is well equipped with a developed infrastructure required to support and achieve world class competitive high standards. Our talented and experienced sales team spares no effort to update our valuable clients and partners with the latest information available about the development took place on any of our products, in addition to their persistent follow up, supported by the product specialist, sales & marketing consultant and the medical advisor.

On call system was implemented with qualified service engineers and technicians fully dedicated to cover installation work, quarterly maintenance, repair work and all other required services.



A complete range of cardiac products are available to be used in all intervention procedures. Our products are designed to improve patients’ care.

Neuro & Respiratory

We distribute a complete range of medical equipment and solution used in the diagnosis, treatment, management and care of patients that having Neuro or cardiopulmonary problems.


Surgical & Sterilization

Our product portfolio provides state of the art surgical instruments. We aim to provide the most effective, advanced surgical tools to restore patient's health and improve their lives.


We distribute a wide range of instruments and equipment are required in dermatology for carrying out various skin related treatments.


Dental Products & Equipment

Our product portfolio Provides high quality materials to cover all the needs of Dentist like Prevention, Bonding, filling material, Endodontic, Post system, Restoration, Temporary Prosthesis, Impressions, Cementation, Whitening etc.

Pharmaceutical Division

We’re strongly focused on providing one standard of quality—and one standard of excellence—to every customer we serve to improve the quality of life for our people, customers and society. 



We believe in women empowerment through healthy women and healthy babies of these women and thus offering a wide range of products for their well-being. We're committed to improving affordability, outcomes, and access to enhanced minimally invasive gynaecological care for women.

Consumable & Disposable

We distribute the most trusted names in medical supplies from Europe and the USA. We deliver innovative solutions for today’s leading health care providers. Solutions to enhance patient care, improve clinical outcomes, drive effective cost management and provide prompt access to the health care products.

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